Understanding Health Insurance: Subsidies Don’t Enrich Companies: 5 Key Issues

Rather than focusing on the needs, priorities and goals, needed and necessary/ desirable, for most Americans, the issue of health care, has become a political, hot – potato, filled with empty rhetoric, promises, blaming and complaining. Ever since the Affordable Care Act was enacted, under the administration of President Obama, in 2010, members of the opposition party have pointed out its flaws, but, avoided introducing viable solutions. The Republicans have proposed dozens of pieces of legislation, focused solely on repealing it, and complaining, for years, Obama would veto their attempts. However, the reality is, it’s easy to propose repeal, when you know, it won’t happen, than to do so, when you’re expected and responsible, for replacing it. Every effort to date has been defeated, because the legislation proposed, has been flawed, and would put tens of million, without any health insurance, but, rather than proposing something better, there has been only, politics – as – usual! After the latest defeat, President Donald Trump, has continued doing all he can possibly do, on his own, via Executive Orders, to force the existing law, to implode, with his latest order, to eliminate the subsidies, needed, to make the law work, effectively. The President has said he opposes subsidies, because they simply enrich the insurance companies, but, if he better understood, he’d realize, they are included in the present legislation, in order to make lower, middle – income citizens, able to afford (or better – afford) the costs. When the subsidies are eliminated, it has the impact, of raising costs, for all other people!

1. Subsidize costs for lower, middle – income: The subsidies don’t enrich the insurance companies, but they stabilize the system, so, both the lower, middle – class, find more affordability, while, also, creating a stable market, and limiting. reducing other increases. When you eliminate these subsidies, the net effect, is increasing everyone elses rates!2. No subsidies = higher overall rates, and less stability: It seems obvious, Trump is far more focused in destroying the legacy of his predecessor, than making a difference, for the better! Eliminating subsidies hurts everyone, and, while the focus should be, on tweaking and improving, it seems to be, on acting in a negative, rhetoric – based, vindictive way!3. President Trump’s rhetoric, versus reality: When Trump speaks about creating great health insurance, it appears, this is merely, empty rhetoric! How can you call it great insurance, if it makes it weaker? The reality is, it’s not better, or cheaper, if it won’t cover your needs, if you get sick or hurt!4. Fix it/ tweak; Don’t destroy: There is no doubt, the Affordable Care Act, can, and should be, improved. It is certainly flawed, but repealing it, does not fix the flaws, and help people! We should all demand, Representatives fix it, and tweak it, rather than destroying it, or relying on politics, empty promises and rhetoric!

5. Health care: Is it a right or privilege?: Insurance versus access: If we claim we have the right to life, liberty, etc, shouldn’t that mean, health insurance should be a right, to protect society, and our citizens? Beware when anyone speaks about access to health care, rather than, actual, health insurance, and protection!There comes a time, when we must demand, responsible representation, where our right to quality medical care, is protected, and a priority, rather than politicians’ personal agendas, and/ or self – interest! Wake up America, before we all suffer!